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Towards a Wider Europe: The New Agenda The company CONTEST (Congress Technical System) is working since 1990 on the Slovak market as the first private company in the field of complex technical assistance (interpreting, sound, recording, data/video projection, another customers requirements), including simultaneous interpreting on national and international events.

Besides working in this field CONTEST, from beginning of its existence, is involved in development, production, selling and renting, assembly, complex installations and services of professional conference, interpreting, sound and audiovisual equipment. In recent years CONTEST has stopped development of analogous conference systems and majority of its capacity was transferred into development Seminar with His Majesty Carl XVI. Gustaf, King of Sweden of new technologies and production of special digital interpreting and conference systems. CONTEST is also specialized in complete delivery, including drawings, and assembly of security equipment and special recording camera video systems.

We participate in events of bigger extent, with high international importance and with the highest social scale - Slovak state and governmental institutions, international organizations - where the wide range of professional equipment, top professional quality and the course of events without problems are required. Taking into consideration our technical and personnel possibilities we are in the position to participate in the same time in various events and it is not critical if there is the event of bigger or smaller extent. First of all we would like to Seminar with Bill Gates draw your attention to the fact that up to date (e. g. in 1993 we have provided our services at approximately 230 events, in 1994 at more than 240 events of different size, in 1995 through 1998 additional more than 1000 events of different technical scope), within the framework our activities, there was no case of failure with an adverse impact on the outcome of an event.

Our company provides its services mainly for larger events, such as events organised by Slovak State authorities, international organisations or local organisations requiring larger amounts of hardware, guaranteed quality or trouble-free performance. This is the reason why even interpreting equipment providers when asked to provide services for larger events invite us to take care of the whole event.

We pay the same attention to every event and we assure the same top quality level.