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CONTEST s. r. o.
P.O. BOX Odborár52, 831 02 Bratislava 3

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About Us

Welcome to the website of the largest Slovak producer and lessor of interpreting and conference equipment! CONTEST was founded in 1990 as the first private Slovak company in the area of comprehensive audio-video solutions for events and in the field of research and development of professional digital and analog communication (interpreter, conference, audio and video) technologies. With its know-how stemming from decades of active experience, CONTEST has a unique position on the market.
One of CONTEST's the main areas of interest lies in the development of professional communication technology. Thanks to its team of top experts in the field and their work in the development of specialized software solutions and products, CONTEST has been able to even influence the trends in the area.
CONTEST also specializes in services, using the newest digital interpreter technologies developed in-house, which support interpreting into as many as 64 languages or channels simultaneously. All systems used by CONTEST are fully compliant with the international norms EN ISO 22259:2019, ISO 20108:2017, ISO 20109:2016, ISO 4043:2016, ISO 2603:2016 and IEC 61603- 7: 2003.
CONTEST mostly provides audio-video solutions for large-scale events with high international significance, for instance events organized by the state or government of the Slovak Republic or by international organizations, where top quality and problem-free performance is a must. We pay the same amount of attention to every event, regardless of its size, to ensure the same high level of service with emphasis on professionalism and reliability.