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Analog Conference Microphone System

Analog Conference Microphone System

The improved system of analog microphones with an integrated processor in each unit provides a problem-free and reliable mode of operation.

Our analog microphone conference system allows for smooth discussions in round table meetings and in scenarios where a larger amount of microphones is needed. It can work in several modes which allow to simultaneously activate 1, 3 or 6 microphones. Each microphone is equipped with a speaker for listening to the course of the meeting, which means that the conference system does not require any additional sound system.

The chairperson microphone can be activated independently from the chosen mode and the number of active microphones. The chairperson is able to enter the discussion without muting other participants. If he or she uses the "priority" button, all currently active microphones will be turned off and the chairperson microphone will be activated instead. Additionally, the "signal" button allows the chairperson to notify other participants with an audio signal.

The capacity of the device is flexible, the installation quick and easy. The microphones are capacitor-based, with good directional characteristics, resulting in high quality sound transfer.


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