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Wireless access point CWAP-4000

Wireless access point  CWAP-4000

The CONTEST AP-4000 wireless access point is used for wireless communication with wireless conference units, the main unit and other system units. In the basic version, it provides:

  • secure communication secured by WPA2 Enterprise encryption;
  • omnidirectional radiation with a range of up to 50m;
  • POE + power supply
  • LAN connection (PoE +),
  • balanced analog input and output (XLR connectors).


The basic version of the AP-4000 can be extended with other integrable functions:

  • display for displaying function settings;
  • 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi broadcasting;
  • DANTE interface (8 inputs and 8 outputs);
  • audio recording to internal or external storage;
  • channel quality monitoring and configuration;
  • visualization of the remaining operating time;
  • low battery warning;
  • integration of external cameras into the system;
  • creation of an overview of the layout of the room and creation of an operation template with a seating plan;
  • unit microphone status management and unit speaker management according to room layout;
  • entering the names of the participants with their places;
  • linking identification marks with participants, for login and identification to the unit;
  • voting module showing the status of the microphone unit, its location, list of speakers, list of requests, voting results (total, individual), record of voting;
  • participant identification module;
  • multi-channel received signal reception module;
  • possibility of cascading / interconnection of several devices to achieve coverage of more space;
  • Possibility to connect up to 128 wireless conference units.


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