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Wireless conference microphone unit WMS 3000

Wireless conference microphone unit WMS 3000

The wireless conference microphone unit CONTEST WMS-3000 is characterized by a modern design and high-quality stable construction. It meets the requirements of international norms and standards, especially IEC 60914 and ISO 22259: 2019.
In its basic version, the WMS-3000 offers its users the following options:

  • the use of high-quality microphones on a flexible "goose" neck with variable length
  • built-in speaker;
  • OLED display;
  • simple and intuitive setting of user functions;
  • built-in Li-Ion battery, which provides at least 20 hours. full charge operation;
  • the USB power connector for the USB charger also serves as an additional power supply and at the same time charging the unit directly during operation;
  • configuration for the possibility of using the conference unit as a chairman or delegate unit, with the functions of a chairman or delegate unit;
  • connection of two headphones (3.5 mm jack).


In enhanced versions, the WMS-3000 wireless conference microphone unit offers additional options:

  • gooseneck microphone with Push & Lock connector;
  • system for signaling the capacity of the Li-ON battery in the central unit, with automatic signaling of the low battery warning in a specific unit;
  • the possibility of dividing the display to use the unit for two delegates;
  • tools for visually impaired users (Braille settings, guides);
  • aids for the hearing impaired (Bluetooth wireless transmission for hearing aids, induction loop);
  • multi-channel reception of interpreted signals from the CONTEST digital interpreting system or another autonomous interpreting system;
  • voting in the basic version (yes / no / abstained) or in the extended version (programmable according to individual requirements);
  • identification of subscribers by means of an identification card inserted in the slot in the unit.


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