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Odborárska 52
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I-Lab lecturer's workplace

I-Lab lecturer's workplace

The clear virtual lecturer control panel contains virtual controls for simple and direct control of all functions necessary for teaching and checking students in virtual online "interpreter booths", enabling:


  • independent volume control for the lecturer;
  • independent control of "heights" and "depths" for the lecturer;
  • listen to a different sound in each ear (student / original, etc.);
  • simple selection of the desired sound for each ear (by choosing from all virtual cabins) by directly clicking on the virtual button corresponding to the desired sound;
  • simple communication with individual students in virtual "cabins" (directly by clicking the appropriate button), without any interference or influencing of other virtual cabins (students) during this communication;
  • easy communication with all virtual interpreter booths (students) directly by pressing the "ALL" button;
  • activation / deactivation of the microphone using the prominent "Mic" button;
  • automatic switching of the sound from communication to the lecturer's headphones and automatic switching on of the lecturer's microphone for communication. After the end of the communication, the system automatically switches all settings to the state they were in before the start of this communication (i.e. switches the lecturer's headphones to the sounds he had selected there before the start of the communication and turns off his microphone, or switches the microphone to the conference microphone status, if it was previously by starting communication in such a state turned on);
  • chat function;
  • connecting a second monitor to display the input image.


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