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Delegate's IR receiver IRP 7232

Delegate's IR receiver IRP 7232

Wireless multi-channel receiver of IR signals. Part of a wireless Infrared transmission system of interpretation.


The modular character of the receiver enables to fulfill the following requirements:

  • 32 channels of wireless IR distribution of interpretation signals
  • part of a distribution system for interpretation signals
  • enables to receive multi-channel wireless high-quality digital audio transfer without interference in infrared frequency range (2-8 MHz) in accordance with IEC 61603-7
  • advanced digital technology to ensure high audio quality without distorting the sound and artifacts
  • special algorithms for minimizing transfer errors
  • high value of signal distance from noise
  • feature for automatic cut off in case of weak signal
  • feature for automatic turn off in case the headphones have been unplugged
  • supply: NiMH rechargable accumulators (1600 mAh, 2.4 V); Li-on rechargable accumulators (1750 mAh, 3.7 V)
  • at least 72 hours uptime on a single charge
  • full charge takes at most 1 hour 45 minutes
  • thermal sensor for optimal charging process
  • LED indicator for charging
  • 2x8 character LCD display with the number of the chosen channel, short name for the language listened to, battery status, IR radiator coverage status
  • on/off button
  • sliding volume regulator
  • channel picker (up and down buttons)
  • 3.5 mm jack for headphones
  • connector for using system rechargable NiHM or Li-On batteries
  • charging contacts for charging via charging case
  • belt clip for comfortable wear


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