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Digital Interpreter Console TD 630D

Digital Interpreter Console TD 630D

The digital interpreter console TD 630D is part of the new modern digital communication (interpretation and conference) system - digital interpreting equipment.



  • six buttons for direct choice of input channel to listen to; presets can be defined for 4
  • an "auto relay" button and a "floor" button
  • two output channels A and B, where B can be chosen arbitrarily
  • simple switching/changing of channel presets
  • big clearly arranged LCD display showing the chosen presets and language and channel settings
  • each interpreter has his or her own console
  • the total number of consoles in the system is not limited, which allows for using them in complex international events with a big number of channels in a way that is compliant with the international standards for multilingual interpretation (ISO 2603:1998, ISO 4043:1998)
  • using specialized software, the system is automatically monitoring and enforcing non-conflicting access of individual interpreters to required channels
  • five individual buttons that the interpreter can use to communicate on a special discrete link with the technician, chairperson, speaker, etc.)
  • new advanced digital technology
  • 24-bit A/D and D/A converters
  • clear sound without noises and artifacts
  • own software with specialized algorithms for capturing and correcting potential "drop-outs" as well as other communication errors
  • ability to connect individual recording devices via two stereo Jack 3.5 mm connectors
  • problem-free reliable performance even in complex systems


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