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Digital IR Transmitter DIRT 1010

Digital IR Transmitter DIRT 1010

The task of the IR transmitter is to convert the channel signals of the digital conference and interpreting system and/or analog interpreting system, and if needed external analog signals to the signal, which is further transmitted by IR transmitters to the space.
Each channel is able to process incoming signals through 24-bit A/D decoders. Each channel has its own procesor and special synthesis to process digital audio data. IR radiator transmits the signal which comes to it from the IR transmitter.


Mains voltage: 15V DC
HF input: nominal 1 Vpp, minimal 10 mVpp, 75 Ω
HF output: 1 Vpp, 6 VDC, 75 Ω
Dimensions (H x W x D): 88 x 483 x 410 mm
Total weight: 5,4 kg


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