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Digital IR Transmitter DIRT 1010

Digital IR Transmitter DIRT 1010

The task of the IR transmitter is to convert the channel signals of the digital conference and interpreting system and/or analog interpreting system, and if needed external analog signals to the signal, which is further transmitted by IR transmitters to the space (in accordance with IEC 61603-7).
Each channel is able to process incoming signals through 24-bit A/D decoders. Each channel has its own procesor and special synthesis to process digital audio data. IR radiator transmits the signal which comes to it from the IR transmitter.


Mains voltage: 15V DC
HF input: nominal 1 Vpp, minimal 10 mVpp, 75 Ω
HF output: 1 Vpp, 6 VDC, 75 Ω
Dimensions (H x W x D): 88 x 483 x 410 mm
Total weight: 5,4 kg


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