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Digital IR Transmitter IRT 1010 SE

Digital IR Transmitter IRT 1010 SE

The transmitter receives analog as well as digital input signals and modulates them to a carrier frequency, transmitting interpretation to infra-red radiators.
Module parameters:

  • flexible configuration of channels and their quality for effective distribution
  • configuration of the transmitter and system with a display and a button controller
  • operation in the frequency range 2-8 MHz
  • possibility to distribute music to all channels during breaks
  • slave mode: distribution of signals from a different transmitter allows to connect meetings from different rooms to one system
  • test mode producing tones with a different frequency for each channel
  • adjustable sensitivity for each input
  • built-in mini infra-red radiator for operation checking
  • status indicators of the transmitter and the radiators on the display
  • automatic distribution of emergency messages to all channels
  • automatic stand-by/on function, automatic synchronization with the number of channels used in the conference system and automatic synchronization of language names with the names used in the conference system
Controllers and indicators:
  • LCD display with detailed system information and transmitter configuration
  • rotating button for navigating menus and configuration
  • input for symmetric audio signals
  • connections for analog interpreter consoles
  • 40 cinch connectors for non-symmetric audio signal input
  • 1x XLR connector for symmetric "floor" signal input, emergenecy messages and music
  • 1x terminal block connector for distribution of emergency signals to all interpretation channels
  • mini 3.5 mm stereo jack headphone connector for monitoring of inputs and interpretation channels
  • 6x BNC connector for high-frequency signal output to 30 radiators
  • 1x BNC connector for high-frequency signal input from a different transmitter
  • 2x optical network connector for digital conference system connections
Each transmitter and each audio channel can be uniquely labeled for easy identification in multi-transmitter setups.
Parameters are compliant with IEC 60914.


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