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Digital Participant IR Receiver IRP 732

Digital Participant IR Receiver IRP 732

Digital IR reciver (range 2-6 MHz) forms the part of the new digital system IRIS II.
The receiver serves for participants to receive the translation in any part of the meeting room where the IR radiators are placed in the high quality without crosstalk, noices or interferences. The participant could choose by using "CHANNEL" switch whichever language/channel which is transmitted by the IR transmitter.


IR receiver is available in the following forms:

  • version for 4 channels
  • version for 8 channels
  • version for 16 channels
  • version for 20 channels
Power supply source:
  • Two batteries (NICD, NIMH), or AA type batteries
  • Total operation time with loaded batteries is more than 50 hours.
  • Total operation time with alkaline batteries is about 100 hours.
For the listening there is used a headphone in the form of light dynamic, stethoscope or for one ear. The participant has a possibility to select the volume of the hearing The receivers are produced with the possibility of rechargeable accumulator or batteries.


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