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ISO Interpreter Booth IB 720

ISO Interpreter Booth IB 720

Portable Interpreter ISO Booth IB720 is a new model of professional interpreting booths from company CONTEST. Interpreting ISO booth IB720 propose:

  • excellent sound-isolating attributes
  • lightweight, solid and stable construction
  • sophisticated system of installing and dismantling booth with special quick-clamping locks (by simply turning)
  • variant configuration of installing by individual panels of booth
  • the possibility of easy adaptation to the width of the booth for less, respectively more interpreters
  • removable ventilation units with Interpreting booth fulfills all parameters set out by norms
  • the interior with dark matte finish provides an excellent view from the booth
  • front and side windows are made of safety glass
  • the door which open to the outside, without the possibility of locking, with the ventilation opening in the bottom part
  • minimized cable penetrations with seals
  • the desk across the width of the booth
  • maximum comfort for users
  • suitability for any interpreting and conference systems
  • all technical parameters of the booth are in accordance with the technical conformity of the European Commission DG SCIC C.4 and the standard ISO 4043: 2016 and others (EN ISO20109: 2016, ISO 20108: 2017, ISO 2603: 2016).


Inside parametres of Interpreting Booth for:
max. 2 persons: 1600x1600x2000mm)
max. 3 persons: 2400x1600x2000mm)
max. 4 persons: 3200x1600x2000mm)


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