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Master Unit CPS 700 ver. 720

Master Unit CPS 700 ver. 720

Our professional interpretation and conference system is meant to be used mainly for international conferences with a big number of foreign languages, conference microphones and anywhere else where there is a requirement of simultaneous interpretation to multiple languages at once and the wireless transfer of that interpretation to the participants.
The system consists of multiple components which can be used to build flexible setups to serve a big number of participants, connecting and synchronizing even multiple rooms to make them work together as a single unit and so on. Individual devices of the system (conference microphones, interpreter consoles, special modules, etc.) are connected by a digital system bus which transfers all system, communication and audio data. The specialized digital technology for processing and transferring audio together with a special transfer protocol enables the bus to be able to transfer more than 80 digital audio channels in addition to system and communication data.
The master unit forms the base of our complex conference digital communication system by controlling all units connected to the CONTEST® Digital Audio Network system bus and taking care of the communication with peripherals (e.g. PCs, special user keyboards etc.). The use of our own specialized connection of analog parts together with 24-bit A/D converters we are able to provide excellent distance of the signal to noise, which is a property of only a handful top professional devices. This distance means high comfort for the users during difficult work (simultaneous interpretation etc.).


Characteristics of the master unit and available options:

  • the modular design allows for extending the system based on specific criteria regarding conference, interpretation and audio-visual system and peripherals
  • one master unit has a capacity of 4096 conference units and 1024 interpretation units
  • the unique system for extending and branching of system buses enables for 500 extension units (each unit with 5 outputs), i.e., a total of 2500 possible branches of the system bus from one master unit
  • multi mode: the possibility to connect multiple master units into one system, combining multiple rooms and in this way creating cooperating system units
  • expanded mode: extended tools when using a computer control software or master units further away, touchscreens etc. for conferences, symposiums, etc.
  • management and distribution of audio signals and simultaneous interpretation through as many as 80 simultaneous language/audio channels to conference and interpretation system units using metallic or optical digital system cabeling
  • adjustable number of simultaneously active microphones in the system (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
  • adjustable sensitivity level for audio inputs and level for audio outputs (every input and output regulated separately)
  • extended system tools allowing to input sound, connect external devices, devices for audio processing or telephone connecting units
  • clearly arranged LCD display
  • total weight: 2.8 kg
Possible modes of operation:
  • open: operate by pressing the microphone button to request input
  • transfer: suppress active microphones (FIFO)
  • activation by voice
  • push to talk: push and hold the microphone button to talk
Available connections:
  • 1 supply socket (Euro) with built-in fuse
  • 4 output system sockets with 8 outlets for connecting conference, interpretation, system equipment
  • 2 optical network connector for connecting to the digital conference system and wireless IR interpretation distribution system and various expanders
  • 1 stereo output 3.5 mm jack for headphones
  • digital audio interfaces: CobraNet, Dante
  • 2 symmetric link audio input XLR (3p) with galvanic isolation
  • 2 symmetric link audio output XLR (3p) with galvanic isolation
  • one stereophone non-symmetric link audio input cinch
  • one ethernet connector for a control computer, open interface or slave master units
  • one serial data connector (RS-232) for controlling cameras and device matric
  • one galvanically separated cross switch with the possibility of running an external device in case of errors detected by the master unit in any part of the whole system.
  • technical parameters in accordance with IEC 60914, EN ISO 20109: 2016, ISO 20108: 2017, ISO 2603: 2016, ISO 4043: 2016, and technical conformity of the European Commission DG SCIC.C.4.


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