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New Generation of Digital Interpreter Consoles ID 720

New Generation of Digital Interpreter Consoles ID 720

Digital interpreting console ID 700 with removable microphone is used for simultaneous translations in accordance with the standards (EN ISO20109:2016, ako aj ISO 20108:2017, ISO 2603:2016, ISO 4043:2016 a IEC 60 914) and EK Technical Compliance (DG SCIC C.4) forms the part of the new modern digital communication (interpreting and conference) system using the latest digital technology.
The console distinguishes itself by new design and expanded managing and functional possibilities, among which there are:

  • 8 buttons for direct input channels choice (listen), it is possible to pre-select each of them
  • „Auto Relay“ and „Floor“ buttons
  • two output channels A and B, whereas the channel B is arbitrarily selectable
  • simple possibility to switch/change of the pre-selected channels (using rotary switchers, so called „encoders“)
  • big well-arranged dispay (LCD), on which there are clearly depicted positions of pre-selections and the settings of the languages and channels
  • every interpreter has his own console
  • the number of the consoles in the system is not limited, so the large-scale international events with a great number of channels and multiple higher number of consoles (interpreters) can be realized so that everything corresponds to the internationl standards for the multi language interpretation (ISO norms)
  • with the help of special software the system automatically follows and ensures trouble-free access of the individual interpreters to the adjusted and required channels
  • five individual buttons, serving to the interpreter for communication with the neighbourhood through the special discreet channel (technician, chairman, speaker and so on)
  • new advanced digital technology
  • 24 bit A/D and D/A signal converters
  • clear and distinct sound (without rumours)
  • own software with special algorithm for capturing and corrrection of possible „drop-out“ or other communication failures
  • possibility to join individual recording equipment (for this reason there are two stereo connectores of the type Jack 3,5mm)
  • failure-free operation also by large-scale systems
  • technical parameters in terms of international standards and technical compliance of the EC.


System BUS & Communication:
Connections: 2x RJ-45 (system digital bus)
3x 3,5 mm stereo jack (2x headphones, 1x mic headset)
1x XLR (CTM 38, CTM 46, CTM 54, etc.)
Dimensions (H x W x D): 41 x 291 x 180 mm (without microphone)
Total weight: 1,4 kg


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