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Conference Microphone unit CMS 700 ver. 720

Conference Microphone unit CMS 700 ver. 720
  • special condenser microphone with excellent characteristics
  • new advanced digital technology: 24bit A/D and D/A signal converters
  • possibility to join either individual recording equipment or headphones
  • own software with specific algorithm for capturing and correction of possible
„ drop out“ or other defects in communication
  • reading terminal module for chip identification card reading
  • voting module allows also using of conference unit as the voting terminal
  • simultaneous interpreting module allows to hear any of the active interpreting channel in the system, directly into the headphones joined to this unit
  • independent voice regulation in each headphones individually
  • buttons „Priority“ and „Signal“ (delegate microphone only)
  • CMS 700 ver. 720 meets the requirements of standards IEC 60914, EN ISO 22259: 2019 and others (EN ISO 20108: 2017, ISO 20109: 2016, ISO 2603: 1998, ISO 4043: 2016) and meets the requirements of Technical Conformity of the European Commission DG SCIC.C.4


System BUS & Communication I/O:
2x RJ-45 (system digital bus)
4x 3,5 mm stereo jack (for headphones or recording)
1x XLR (microphone type CTMxx)
Dimensions (H x W x D):
40 x 221 x 132 mm (without microphone)
Total weight: 1,4 kg


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