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Digital Microphone Unit CMS 630D

Digital Microphone Unit CMS 630D

CMS 630D is a digital conference unit whose features include interpretation support, independent regulation of headphone volume, a terminal for an identification card and support for voting.
The basic model:

  • uses advanced digital technology
  • uses special capacitor microphones with excellent properties for digital sound processing
  • has 24-bit A/D, D/A converters
  • provides clear sound without noise
  • utilizes our own specialized software with special algorithms for detecting and correction of potential drop-outs and other communication problems
  • provides the possiblity to connect individual recording devices or headphones (two stereo connectors Jack 3.5mm)
  • performs problem-free even when used in combination with complex systems
The advanced version additionally:
  • has a LCD display with big characters, making it legible for people with weaker eyesight
  • has a terminal for a chip identification card
  • has a voting module, allowing the unit to be used as a voting terminal
  • has a simultenous interpretation module which allows to listen to an arbitrary active interpretation channel, eliminating the need for a separate receiver device
  • supports independent regulation of volume in each headphone


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