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Odborárska 52
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I-Lab student workplace

I-Lab student workplace

The clear virtual interpreter panel contains individual control elements, which are laid out in such a way that control is simple and clear (the left part of the desk is for listening control, the right part for broadcasting control). All necessary work actions / options (turning on / off the microphone, switching the channel for listening, switching the channel for broadcasting, etc.) are directly accessible, without the need for complex actions that would make the work of the student / interpreter difficult.


The virtual interpreter panel includes:

  • four buttons for direct selection of input channels (listening, sound source) with the possibility of any preset;
  • description of the sound source at the button (system set);
  • "Floor" button;
  • adjusting the volume in the headphones;
  • chat function;
  • large clear display (video) of the sound source;
  • two output channels A and B, while channel B is freely selectable;
  • simple possibility to switch / change preset channels;
  • the microphone icon, which lights up red when the microphone is activated;
  • "Mute" button for the microphone.


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