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Odborárska 52
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Digital Interpreting Laboratory with a Virtual Teacher's Console

Digital Interpreting Laboratory with a Virtual Teacher's Console

Digital linterpreting laboratory represents a new, modern, fully digital professional system for the simultaneous interpretation and foreign languages teaching.
The system contsits of the system basic managing and power supply unit („Master“), digital interpreting consoles (located in the interpreting booths), lecturer´s unit, virtual managing center and attachments (mixer, digital recorder, DVD recorder, etc.).
The lecturer can hear using lecturer´s unit and virtual managing center („Touch screen“) individual channels/booths, communicate with individual booth, he can manage and change the signal source intended for translation, etc.


Main properties:

  • lecturer´s possibility to hear in each ear another sound (student/original ect.)
  • simple selection of the required sound to each headphone (ear) directly by pushing the button corresponding to the required sound (on virtual managing panel)
  • simle communication with individual booths (directly by pushing corresponding button), without any interference or influence of other booths during this communication
  • simple communication with all interpreting booths (students) directly by pushing the button „ALL“
  • possibility to connect other headphones (for example for the lesturer´s assessor) with independent (individual) volume regulation
  • possibility of connection of other signals sources (sound from CD, tape recorder, radio, video recorder etc.) intended as the basis for the interpretation („original“) with a possibility of the independent volume level regulation of individual signals (sounds), possibly their mutual mixing
  • special output (on the interpreting console) for the record of two sources at the same time (for example original and translation) on the stereo recording equipment (for example digital recorder, MP3, possibly cassette recorder) whre in one channel will be one sound (for example original) and in the second will be at the same time other required, independently chosen sound (for example translation).
  • outputs of the individual /all channels (allow for example at the same time recording of all used channels/booths on the multichannel recording equipment).


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